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Carers are often left feeling isolated overwhelmed forgotten and confused.

Our groups are specifically for ANYONE who supports a person with mental 

health issues. All of us have experienced the devasting impact mental health 

problems can have when left in a caring role.  

We offer vital peer support to carers without the fear of stigma. 

We have a monthly forum meeting (sometimes slightly formal) but please do  not let this put you off attending you will soon be famililar with it.   Stress Buster (relaxation) groups at various locations in North Derbyshire. If you are finding it difficult or struggling to cope! it may be of benefit talking  to others who can empathise.  

Do you care for someone with mental health problems?

Mental Health Carers don’t choose to become carers it just happens!

Family members, friends and neighbours are often the ones left providing vital

help and support.

                 North Derbyshire  Mental Health Carers
Carers both past and present are welcome at all the groups    No need for an appointment just turn up on the day              


A voluntary self-help support group

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