A voluntary independent self-help group

Up days, down days, manic days, duvet days, psychotic days, crazy days, other days….

If you relate to any of the above welcome to our world!

Are you a mental health carer? 

Anyone of any age who provides vital help and support to a person with mental health issues is regarded as a carer.

Who Are We?

We are all carers or ex carers  experiencing  first hand just how difficult it really can be dealing with mental health issues. Pyschosis, deep depression, manic mood swings, ocd the list goes on. These topics are rarely brought up in general conversation it can be very isolating for the carer.

The fear of stigma is ever present.

Our Group

Specifically for mental health carers we provide a safe environment offering empathy, advice and most importantly non judgemental peer to peer support with fellow carers.

Mental Health Funding

Derbyshire has recently been severely affected by savage funding cuts adding even more pressure to both service users and carers alike. Most voluntary mental health groups along with their bricks and mortar bases have been obliterated leaving thousands of vulnerable people and their carers with almost no support. Sadly mental health funding in Derbyshire appears to have been pushed way down to the very bottom of the pile.

However we remain united and are always happy to help others in similar situations.

Thank you for visiting