Are you a mental health carer?

Anyone of any age who provides vital help and support to a person with mental health issues is regarded as a carer.

Up days, down days, manic days, duvet days, crazy days, other days.

Welcome to the world of mental health caring!

Who Are We? We are all mental health carers or ex carers based in Derbyshire having  first hand experience of just how difficult it can be dealing with mental health issues. Psychosis, deep depression, manic mood swings, OCD the list goes on.

These topics are rarely brought up in general conversation and can be very isolating for the carer. The fear of stigma is ever present.

Generic self help groups are rarely suitable for many mental health carers, With a desperate need for support the group was formed several decades ago by a small army of fellow carers.

The groups  are specifically for mental health carers they are held  at various locations throughout North and South Derbyshire.

We offer non judgemental peer to peer support, empathy, understanding, sign posting and advice.

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